We bill all subscriptions on a monthly basis, so you pay up front and you have access to ChannelGrabber for the next calendar month (much like a gym membership), so if you sign up and pay on 25th of the month, then that payment covers your usage until 24th of the next month, then your next payment will be due on 25th of the next month to reset the whole process.  

The exception to this is if you go over your package limits, for example. if you opt for the "Sales Booster - Tier 1" package then you will have access for up to 500 orders per month.  As long as you stay within that limit, there will be no extra fees until your next billing date.  However if you go over this limit and receive more than 500 orders within the same month, then this means you should have opted for a higher package originally, so you will need to upgrade your package and pay the difference to the next tier up to maintain access for the rest of your month.  Your billing date will remain the same, and you can choose to downgrade your package again at the start of your next billing cycle if you think your orders will drop in the following month.

You can check your billing date, next invoice amount, payment method, billing contact details and download your invoices in your My Account > Billing Management > Billing Details section:

To check your monthly usage at any time, and to select the best subscription level for your business, you can navigate to My Account > Billing Management > Manage Package and check / update your preferences there.

If you need to discuss anything regarding your billing or subscription, please contact us on billing@channelgrabber.com or by calling +44 (0)161 711 0248.  We are people, not robots, so don't be scared to speak to us about important money stuff!

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