Using ChannelGrabber you can apply different stock rules to each individual item and your entire inventory.

Why would you want to do this?

  • Prevent listings from ending for items that do not run out of stock (or items you can order in quickly if you oversell)
  • Create an artificially low stock level to generate a sense of urgency for buyers
  • Fall within eBay stock thresholds by lowering the maximum listed for each item

Example scenarios

Example #1

You sell & print T-shirts. Since you hold a vast amount of blank T-shirts you’re not worried about keeping track of individual stock levels, instead you want to make sure all of your items remain live at all times.


Use the Fixed Stock tool to “Fix the level at” and use a low level like 1 or 2 to keep the item live & selling. Anytime someone buys an item, ChannelGrabber will go ahead and add stock back to that listing automatically - At the same time we’re keeping track and deducting from the actual stock level if you ever need to know what the exact quantity is.


Example #2

You want to increase your sales on each channel and are worried buyers don’t bite because there’s no urgency when they notice you have “10 or more available”


Set a blanket rule for all items to “List up to a maximum of” and then set a low number. This way, buyers are more likely to buy the item as they’re worried someone else might get there before them!


Example #3

You’ve hit your eBay stock value threshold meaning you cannot list any more products at this time


If you’ve already tried upgrading your limits by speaking to eBay then ChannelGrabber can help reduce the amount that you’re eating into these limits, by setting a lower level on each of your currently listed products, despite actually having more in stock. In this case you would “List up to a maximum of” and select a low number such as 1 or 2, etc.


How to implement advanced stock rules

Blanket rules:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Select Stock which is shown under Product Management
  3. Here you enable and disable certain channels for both “Fix the level at” and “List up to a maximum of” rules
  4. Now you can select the Default Stock Mode and enter the value, i.e 2 in the Max / Fixed Amount section (tip - make sure you do not leave this as blank or zero, otherwise we will send the fixed level as zero to your channels!)
  5. Click Save and the rule will be applied to each of your products

Individual product rules:

  1. Click on Products and search for the item you want to apply a rule to
  2. In the drop down you’ll notice your default is selected, you can change this by selecting the drop down and choosing another option for this particular item
  3. In the new column you can enter the value for this item
  4. If it’s a variation product, you’ll need to Expand Variations before you can enter a value

It is important to know that applying a stock mode to single or variations - will result in that stock level being sent out to the channel straight away if stock management is turned on.


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