Order from stock and telephone orders

To manually create an order from stock use the order from stock option. You can also use this option to take a telephone order or deal with your trade customers.

1. Click the order from stock button

To place an order for a customer from the customer screen, click the order from stock button.

2. Create a quick SKU if required

You can create a new SKU if you wish to make a quick sale for a product that isn’t in your inventory already.

3. Enter the details required

Enter the information required and click Save. Adding a quick SKU is used usually for one off product sales that you will not use again.

Using this feature creates a new inventory item and adds the number of items to stock that you have typed into the order quantity field and then immediately allocates those to the order. The stock in and out will be recorded in your stock inventory.

4. Use quick search

You can also use the quick search boxes to find a product from your inventory by SKU.

5. Search by name

If you prefer you can search by product name.

6. Select the required result

Select the required product from the list.

7. Add to Basket

And add the required number of items to the basket.

8. View products categories

Click view to expand the product category you require.

9. Select the product

Click on the image for the product you wish to add to the order. Please note that if a product range contains several colours you may not see the correct colour image, as CCP picks the first image from the first product in the range to display here.

10. Enter the quantity in the box required

Enter the quantity required. You can enter numbers into multiple boxes if required. If there are other products in the range they will all be available in here.

11. Click confirm to add order

Click the confirm button to add the order items to the basket.

12. Select postage as required

Select from your postage rules and apply postage charges.

You can also overtype the postage charge after applying the rule and change the price to a different one.

13. Add a reference or note

You can add a reference or note. This will appear on invoices.

14. You can overtype other fields

There are several other fields you can manually edit to override the values.

These include:

  1. Discount Net
  2. Discount Gross
  3. VAT Rate

15. Enter manual values

Enter the values you wish to change.

Click the Complete button to process the order.

16 Order Templates

If you have customers that require a repeat order on a certain schedule you can use the Scheduled Order function. If you click the Order Template button this will save the order details to help you create a repeat order.

17. Template Confirmation

You will see the template confirmation screen and can then press the edit button to configure a schedule for the repeat orders.

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