This tutorial shows you how to create a customer manually in Cloud Commerce Pro and then immediately add an order and take a payment. This may be used for trade type orders or telephone sales.

1. Open Customer screen

Click on “My Customers” on the main menu.

2. Click Add Customer

You will see a list of your latest customers, click on “Add Customer”. You can also import a list of customers using a specific customer import template. Contact your project manager if you need to do this.

3. Enter Customer Name

Enter your customer name or company name if you are dealing with a business.

4. Search for Customer Address

Use the Cloud Commerce Pro international address search to find your customers full address. You can enter a postcode or just start typing the address and you will see the list instantly narrow down to appropriate addresses after just a few characters usually.

5. Enter Email Address

Enter an email address for your customer. This address will be used for communication and to send copy invoices etc. In the case of a business customer this will act as a general admin address. You can add additional address to the business once the customer record is created.

Enter other details such as email address and telephone numbers.

6. Click Save and Add Order

CCP will automatically select your default sales channel for orders (See Sales Channels for more details). If CCP is not choosing the sales channel you prefer when manually adding orders, please contact your Project Manager who can configure this for you. Your sales channel sets prices and is where the customer orders are recorded against so you can track them later to measure performance.

The customer type can be public (suitable for most retail businesses), Retailer (for wholesale suppliers selling goods to trade customers) or Agent (Sets a customers as a sub agent of your business and allows them to have their own customers under your brand).

The VAT number and EU VAT exemption are required if you are selling to other territories in the EU and you wish CCP to sell goods without VAT. Excluding unregistered businesses, VAT free goods and sales to outside the EU.

Set an Agent if you wish to create this customer as a sub customer of one of your agents.

The bank account is usually set to Current but you may wish to attribute payments from this customer to other bank accounts.

You can now click Save or Save and add order. Depending on your choice at the end of the wizard, the screen will close or continue on to enter an order for this customer. In this instance click Save and Add Order to load the order screen directly after creating the customer.

7. Set Payment Terms

Set payment terms. If you are going to give your customer 30 days credit for example choose that option however, if you require immediate payment from this customer choose Full Payment before dispatch. Please note if you set any credit terms and place any orders they will go immediately into the dispatch queue whereas if you set Full payment before dispatch the orders will not enter the dispatch queue unless they have a full payment entered against them or a credit note/discount of the invoice total.

To follow this tutorial set full payment before dispatch.

Click Save to end the process or depending on the option selected to continue and add an order.

8. Click on the Category or Search

Click on the category of product your wish to add an order for or search for the product using the SKU search.

Clicking the New SKU button creates a temporary SKU to use just for this order. This is for miscellaneous products that you don’t want to use again or to keep an inventory for.

9. Select Product Range

Select the product range you require

10. Enter the Quantity

Enter the quantity required in the range details window

11. Click Order and Continue

Click order and continue to return to the selection page

13. Confirm Order

If you wish to add more items repeat step 8 to 11

Click confirm order to move to the next stage.

13. Confirm Order Details

The Confirm order details screen allows you to finalise an order including setting postage and applying discounts

14. Select required postage

Select postage from your applicable postage rules

15. Overtype a Different Postage Type

You can override the postage price by manually typing a new figure in the box

16. Enter a discount

You can enter a discount either gross or net or you can overtype the price which will automatically calculate a discount to bring the price to your desired value.

17 Complete the Order

Click Complete to move to the payment options

18. Choose Immediate Payment or Not

Click Yes to take a payment immediately or No to defer the payment until later.

Please note you will not be offered this option if you set the customer to have credit terms.

19. Enter Payment

If you took the payment by a manual card gateway, cheque or bank transfer or any other method you can enter the payment in the left hand side of the payment screen.

If you wish to take payment directly through a payment gateway (which you must activate in the settings section) you can enter the amount in the right hand side of the payment screen. You will then be redirected to the gateway to complete the payment details.

You have successfully completed the order process.

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